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Leadership in Training (LIT) is a program designed for youth of all abilities to develop and enhance leadership and life skills needed in today’s labour market. 

This dynamic, interactive 11-week training program focuses on wellness, communication skills, self-advocacy, independence, decision-making and goal setting. 

"The LIT program gave me a lot of confidence. It showed me how to achieve my goal in the best way possible. The LIT program also taught me how to interact more with my peers and be more of a leader."  - R.H., Cohort 1 Participant.

LIT supports youth in developing transition plans that focus on financial literacy, education, paid employment, volunteer work and/or community connections. LIT will empower today’s youth to become the leaders of tomorrow!  

Interested in learning more about the Leadership in Training program?  Please contact: or call 905-665-8500 ext 226. 


The  Leadership  in Training program is generously supported by RBC Foundation. 


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