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LEAD (Leading Equitable and Accessible Delivery) is a methodology to help governments, public and private sector organizations to define and embed inclusion and accessibility into strategic planning, daily operations, program environments, and organizational culture. 

This top-down approach to inclusion and accessibility helps organizations set clear targets for your business needs and provides a welcoming environment for the people you serve. 

Through the LEAD Canada process, Abilities Centre staff helps organizations develop the know-how, confidence, and capability to serve the needs of all, regardless of age, ability or background, and lay the foundation for your organization to embrace inclusion and accessibility as important strategies for success. LEAD is an approach designed to generate both economic and social return on investment. 

LEAD Canada is a registered trademark of Abilities Centre, delivered in partnership with Activity Alliance. We are proud to collaborate with Activity Alliance to bring LEAD Canada to North America. 

Activity Alliance is the operating name for the English Federation of Disability Sport. 

By the Numbers 

Since 2012, the population age 15+ with disabilities has grown from 3.8 million to 6.2 million. The disability ratio also climbed, from 14% in 2012 to 22.3% in 2017.

The economic impact is substantial. 22.3% of Canada’s 15.2 million households contain at least one member living with a disability; the consumer spending of those households equals $215.7 billion.(1) 

The LEAD process will guide your organization through a facilitated self-assessment of your current inclusion practices and help you create an action plan to increase involvement and participation by persons of all abilities, ages and backgrounds in your business or community. 

Key Steps

Key steps to launching your Lead strategy

  1.  Establishing a vision team to guide the LEAD process
  2.  Completing pre-assessment activities to support session facilitation
  3.  In-person facilitated workshop
  4.  Developing the action plan
  5.  Implementation and communication

Lead Canada is for All Sectors

Every organization is unique, and this process is designed to be flexible and adaptable to support your organization’s needs.

Lead Canada helps sectors including Government, Public and Private organizations, to define and embed inclusion and accessibility in their strategic operational strategies
  1.  Government
  2.  School Boards
  3.  Municipalities
  4.  Non-Profits and Charities
  5.  Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
  6.  Large Corporations

The 9 Step Process

The LEAD process helps organizations evaluate their current competencies and gaps against key themes to identify opportunities to improve and enhance inclusion and accessibility at all organizational levels.

Step 1 LeadershipStep 2 StrategyStep 3 Community engagementStep 4 PartnershipStep 5 Resource managementStep 6 PeopleStep 7 Product/service developmentStep 8 Marketing and communicationsStep 9 Physical environment

Is LEAD the Right Fit for You?

The LEAD methodology can help any organization, regardless of sector or size, embrace inclusion and accessibility. The flexibility of the process, along with the self-assessment component of the process, means that the process is tailored to each participating organization, and the environment in which they operate.

What’s Next? Contact Us

Every organization’s journey to inclusion and accessibility is unique; so too is each organization’s LEAD process. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.
Phone: 1-866-639-1858


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Survey of Household Spending, 2017 

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