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Creative Cafe aims to provide a space for participants to express their creative side! The program will utilize art, photography, singing, dancing, and creativity to build skills required to cope with change, express emotion, explore values, and identify creative goals and strengths.
Throughout the program, participants will collaborate with the Robert McLaughlin Gallery by contributing to their photography collection and will be preparing to sing O’ Canada at the upcoming Parasport games in 2023! These exciting opportunities may require some sessions to be off-site from Abilities Centre. This information will be given in advance to ensure the securement of transportation.

Thursday session- Oct 13th- Dec 15th
All sessions are 6:30-pm-8:00pm
Cost/night is $150 for 13 weeks

Must bring: Any arts equipment on given days (everything will be provided for you but if you wish to share, please do!), creativity and an openness to try new things!

If you require a payment plan or would like more information about this program, please email
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