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Impact at all levels!
Just another friend. Just another athlete. 
Just another teammate.

It's not just about the game.


two images in circles with blue boarders. The first image of two women playing rugby. the second image of a group of participants celebrate in a restaurant after a successful MASC event


“I think it brings forth the chance to open up rugby to our community and invite so many individuals to play who normally wouldn’t try the sport”

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“The opportunity with Mixed Ability Sport allows the growth of your sport both in terms of membership and visibility. As well as the creation of a different kind of culture within the club and community.”



“The clinic was great. I appreciated being given the opportunity to share when I thought my experience was relevant and being given an opportunity to listen to others experiences. Thanks!”

 icon of three figures, one kicks a ball, one dances, one waves in a wheelchair

“MAS will give our club a better representation of our community.”

A group of coaches play Kin ball on Abilities Centre Court

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