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Our Purpose:

Unlock potential through accessibility

Our Vision:

A better, barrier-free life for all Canadians

Our Mission:

Reimagining accessibility and redefining the way Canadians live, work & play

Our Local Objective:

Co-design innovative, accessible solutions that address the needs of our community

The five values that support our overarching value of inclusion are: 

Person-centred: prioritizing the needs and well-being of individuals in decision-making and actions, ensuring everyone is treated with dignity and respect. 

Genuine: committing to communicating information and behaving in a way that is authentic, honest, and aligned with stated priorities and principles. 

Flexible: adapting and adjusting to changing circumstances, environments, and situations to consider new approaches and ideas that are accessible and inclusive. 

Innovative: challenging the norm and thinking of new and creative ways to achieve goals and best practices, while taking calculated risks and embracing change. 

Collaborative: seeking out and valuing the input of others and those with lived experience to work together and build an inclusive community.


Our Story

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