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Mixed Ability Sport encourages social inclusion by welcoming players of all abilities into a mainstream sport setting in their local community playing non-adapted sports.

Players with and without disabilities play together on the same team.

Mixed Ability Logo. Three figures connected one in a chair holding a paddle, one throws a ball up in the air, and one is catching a rugby ball, underneath the shape of a maple leaf

In February 2020, Abilities Centre partnered with International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS) to become the exclusive developers and delivery agents for Mixed Ability Sport in Canada. Through this partnership, Mixed Ability Sport presents an exciting opportunity to engage EVERYONE in sport and recreation, no matter age, experience, or ability.  

Mixed Ability Sport Canada (MASC) offers a variety of trainings specific to coaching certifications and club accreditations to best support existing sport clubs in providing opportunities to engage the entire community through Mixed Ability Sport!  

Innovative variations within existing sports environments to allow full inclusion, not only for individuals with disabilities, but also for those returning to sport, newcomers, and any individual in our communities. Mixed Ability Sport goes beyond disability! 

Mixed Ability Sport differs from able-bodied, Special Olympics and Para sport, in that it offers an option to maximize participation for individuals of any background or ability without classification, divisions or labels. The model represents a radical approach to promoting meaningful inclusion, challenging the way we think of and join in sports, leading to broader social inclusion.  

By enhancing existing program offerings within clubs, communities, municipalities and schools, Mixed Ability Sport provides a foundation for everyone to actively participate together, and to share in the benefits that sport brings.  

If you are or know a Champion for Mixed Ability Sport and want to begin your journey, please contact or call 905-665-8500. 

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