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Driving Equitable Crisis Recovery for All Canadians 

The Access Project is an innovative approach to crisis recovery, designed to embed equity in the development of strategies and solutions to support the needs of all Canadians.   

Bringing together data insights, action planning tools, and community resources to support the needs of local communities across Canada, The Access Project will help governments, municipalities, community organizations, and businesses support all Canadians during crisis response and recovery.  

With a comprehensive approach that considers the economic participation, health & well-being and social inclusion of all Canadians, the Access Project model will be piloted in Ontario and scalable to communities across the country. 

Key Pillars 

1. Data Hub  2. Action Planning  3. Community Impact 
Building and harnessing data to capture the disability community’s experiences and provide evidence-based insight to drive planning and impact.  Providing tools and resources that help governments, municipalities, community organizations and businesses to ensure crisis response and recovery measures meet the needs of all community members. 

Unique opportunity to accelerate crisis recovery and leverage large-scale, transformative impact to make Canadian communities more accessible and inclusive. 

Recovering from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and its protracted recovery period will have profound impact on provincial, national and global health, social and economic systems and quality of life for all Canadians. Despite these serious challenges, there exists today a vital opportunity for governments, communities, corporations and community organizations to engage all Canadians in recovery efforts.

About Abilities Centre

One of the only organizations in Canada with a comprehensive approach to inclusion and accessibility, Abilities Centre strives to make communities more accessible and inclusive to increase quality of life for every individual and enable them to participate fully in community and economic life.

As a community hub, living lab and inclusion incubator, Abilities Centre engages individuals and communities in programs, leads research and advocacy on inclusion issues, and develops innovative frameworks for programs that are replicable, scalable and customizable to the needs of local communities in Durham Region and across Ontario and Canada.

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