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Abilities Centre is partnered with International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS) as the exclusive delivery agents for Mixed Ability Sport in Canada. Through this partnership, Abilities Centre is leading education, training and advocacy initiatives in collaboration with Provincial and National Sport Organizations, local community clubs, and grassroots sport coaches to create sustainable change within the Canadian Sport System utilizing the Mixed Ability Sport model.
Mixed Ability Sport introduces a fundamental change to the current conditions for grassroots sport participation, redefining the way we think of, join in, and participate in sport. Utilizing the Mixed Ability model, our aim is to ensure all individuals have the opportunity to participate and engage in mainstream sport teams, as equal and valued members, developing a sense of membership and belonging within the community. 

Abilities Centre provides quality education to coaches, officials, sport administrators and athletes, through the Mixed Ability Sport certification process, that is co-developed and co-facilitated by individuals with lived experience. 

Training provides coaches with the tools to enhance their existing programs to better reflect the diverse needs of the community. Together, we are building a safe, inclusive and accessible sport environment that supports engagement and participation for all throughout the lifespan.

Mixed Ability Sport Training and Education offerings include:

The Mixed Ability Sport Coach Certification provides coaches and program facilitators with an introduction to Mixed Ability Sport and a model for innovative change for grassroots sport across the globe. 

Through facilitated discussion, individuals will be challenged to reflect on their current understanding of inclusion and the gaps within existing sport offerings in their club, sport, and society as identified by individuals who are experts by experience living with a disability.

This interactive, in-person clinic will challenge perceptions around disability, identify barriers to participation, and introduce coaches to a set of tangible skills and tools that will enhance their existing club offerings and welcoming individuals of all abilities, backgrounds and experiences as equal and valued members of the team. Coaches will learn how to utilize the power of sport to unlock potential and redefine the way Canadians live, work, and play.

The Mixed Ability Sport Ambassador Training program is designed for non-coaches who want to support the introduction and growth of Mixed Ability Sport within their school, community, or healthcare setting. The Ambassador Training introduces participants to the Mixed Ability Model, how to support advocacy efforts, and key actions and behaviours that will change the culture within existing sport environments.

The Mixed Ability Sport Affiliation has been designed to support Provincial Sport Organizations, National Sport Organizations, and organizations dedicated to the delivery of sport and recreational programming, in the development of a strategy for sustainable change within their respective sport.
Based on the principles of the Mixed Ability Sport Manifesto, Abilities Centre will provide training and education to staff, board of directors and volunteers to ensure consistency in the implementation of the model across the organization.

Affiliated partners also receive dedicated research and program evaluation reports that identify best practices to scale Mixed Ability Sport offerings as well as a framework for competitions and events.

Collectively, through this work, we will increase the capacity of local sport clubs and create a provincial and national model for inclusive sport that increases membership and welcomes individuals of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and experiences into existing sport settings together.

For teams and programs that are lead by certified Mixed Ability Sport coaches, the club level accreditation is awarded to Mixed Ability Sport clubs and who have demonstrated an on-going commitment to providing a safe, welcoming and supportive environment in the implementation of Mixed Ability Sport offerings. Clubs will have completed at minimum one year of Mixed Ability Sport team competitions and events, and have participated in Mixed Ability Sport Research and Quality Assurance checks. Accredited clubs will support in the advocacy and growth of Mixed Ability Sport and role model the behaviours for future clubs to follow.

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