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What is Therapeutic Recreation?

Therapeutic Recreation (TR) uses community and activity-based programming to improve wellbeing, physical and mental health as well as functional capacity for individuals. Much like other professions (Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists), TR specialists use a goal-oriented, evidence-based approach with a focus on recreation and play. While fun is an important aspect of programming, TR specialists also help individuals build, learn and maintain life skills, increase independence and resilience, improve quality of life and help participants find what they are passionate about. 

Are you someone who is interested in obtaining the confidence and skills needed to work and/or volunteer? The TR team at Abilities Centre can help!

Reach your goals with sessions that focus on:

  • Appropriate behaviour in the workplace
  • Enhancing confidence and sharpening current skills
  • Gaining workplace experience

Are you looking to increase social interaction skills, set goals and develop independence?

Reach your goals with sessions that focus on:

  • Opportunities to build/create friendships

  • Feel a part of the community

  • Advance skills related to activities of daily living

Do you want to lead a healthier lifestyle or develop a new hobby?

Reach your goals with sessions that focus on:

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