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Post Rehabilitation programs support individuals transitioning from rehabilitation treatment into community-based programs, enhancing their journey to improve their overall well being and quality of life. These classes are developed and delivered with our community partners in the health sector and facilitated by trained and certified instructors. Please note that most classes do require a physician referral to be completed prior to starting in the program.
Respiratory & Cardiac Maintenance 
An exercise program delivered in partnership with Lung Health Foundation for people with cardiac or pulmonary conditions (ie. Heart attack, Angina, COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis, etc) that aims to help participants maintain muscular strength, flexibility, and activities of daily living.

Virtual Fitness For Breath 
A virtual exercise program delivered in partnership with Lung Health Foundation for people with pulmonary conditions (ie. COPD, Asthma, Pulmonary Fibrosis, etc) to aid in maintaining fundamental movement skills during activities of daily living.  

Minds in Motion®  
A program created by Alzheimer’s Society of Durham Region and facilitated in partnership with Abilities Centre. Minds in Motion® incorporates 45-60 minutes of physical exercise and 45-60 minutes of mentally stimulating activities for individuals living with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

Living with Stroke
In partnership with Heart & Stroke Foundation, an educational program created to help those recovering from stroke gain knowledge and confidence through an 8-week facilitator led program. Participants and their caregivers learn about goal-setting and share experiences while supporting one another.

TIME Lite™ 
An exercise program created by Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (a member of University Health Network) and facilitated by Abilities Centre for adults with neurological conditions such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Acquired Brain Injury, etc. or anyone with mobility or balance issues.

An exercise program, created by University Health Network and facilitated by Abilities Centre, is for people with a range of neuromuscular conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, or acquired brain injury. 
TIME Plus™
An exercise program that is a transition pathway completed after participating in a classic TIME program. Aimed at people with gait and mobility challenges at faster pace with fewer rest breaks.

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For more information about Post Rehabilitation contact: or call 905-665-8500.
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