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Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. 
(IPLA, 2017)

​Physical Literacy has increased in popularity on a global scale over the past decade. Research has shown that Physical Literacy plays an integral role in encouraging and supporting individuals to be physically active and to remain active for life.

All individuals have the right to build and develop physical literacy and Abilities Centre is dedicated to embedding the concept of inclusion into physical literacy making it accessible to all! 

This certification is geared towards: 

Program leaders, coaches, teachers, students and recreational professionals. 

Through this certification you will develop an understanding of the purpose and value of physical literacy and inclusion followed by activities for practical application suitable for each sector.

Certification will give you access to: 

  • Connection to like-minded professionals from across the country 
  • Access to exclusive research in the area of physical literacy and inclusive physical activity 
  • Sharing of best practices from industry leaders 
  • Access to program content to support participants from across the country 
  • Continued professional development opportunities from partners

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