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In partnership with school boards both locally and provincially, Abilities Centre works closely with schools and educators to bring the benefit of Therapeutic Recreation into the classroom with Therapeutic Recreation in Schools (TRIS).
The purpose of TRIS is to promote inclusion and resilience among young individuals to improve and sustain their well-being, development, and quality of life. TRIS focuses on creation, movement, and education to engage in meaningful participation in school and community settings.

Benefits for the students, teachers, school, and community include:
  • A tailored TRIS program for the specific needs of your school and students
  • Fun and engaging activities for your students while they develop life, social and coping skills, goals for the future and resiliency
  • Opportunity for expansion into other avenues Abilities Centre has including Physical Literacy and Employment
  • Opportunity for Professional Development for Educators

Therapeutic Recreation is currently being implemented across 3 school boards in Toronto and Durham Region and has impacted more than 20 schools and 300 students.

The journey doesn’t end with TRIS as we are working hard to bring our programs to new classes and schools. Our Taking Aim program collaborates with our employment team and enables students to showcase skills such as confidence, teamwork, and leadership to take the next steps into employment or sharpen their life skills.

Our TR team is also hard at work at developing frameworks with 3 Durham Region schools for TRIS: Elementary! This allows us to better prepare younger students to successfully transition to high school, make community connections and find joy to be more successful in school and increase overall health

If you are an educator and TRIS is something that you believe your students, class, school or community will benefit from, email to begin your Abilities Centre journey!
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