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Thrive is an innovative adult day program for individuals over the age of 18 with developmental disabilities.  

Thrive provides a strong foundation in supporting young adults to successfully transition into community life and the goals that are most important to them, including education, employment or independent living. 

Thrive is designed to meet the needs of all individuals through group, individual, and goal-based programming that develops independent living skills, resiliency and community transition supports. All activities provide participants the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new friends, enhance self-esteem and optimize personal growth. Thrive participants are offered various choices through flexible program options in the areas of arts, life skills, social recreation, sports, and fitness.    

This impactful and innovative day program continues to expand each year with new participants and activity options.  In order to meet eligibility and criteria for the program, all participants must be registered with Developmental Services Ontario. 

For more information contact or call 905-665-8500 x223

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