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Our Employment Services focus on assessing individuals’ skills, goals, values, and strengths in relation to work. Individuals are supported to develop knowledge and skills that are needed to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment.

Abilities Centre Employment Services offers a range of workshops to help individuals obtain and maintain employment in the community. Our team of Employment Specialists, Job Developer and Job Coaches assist individuals to connect to employment and provide on the job support to help individuals reach their employment goals! 

EmployAbilities (EA)
EmployAbilities is a 5-week workshop that helps individuals to develop the pre-employment skills needed to identify areas of employment that match their skills, goals, values, and strengths. Topics of learning include professionalism, positive attitude, appropriate conversations, and accommodations. Participants will use this knowledge to work with their Employment Specialist and plan out their next steps! 

Connect2Work (C2W)
Connect2Work is a 4-week employment workshop that supports individuals to prepare for  obtaining employment. Participants will learn about networking, interviewing, building their resume, and applying for jobs. After the workshop, participants will use this knowledge and work with their Employment Specialist to plan out their next steps! 

Job Development
Our Job Developers connects with potential employers in the community to create employment opportunities to match the needs and skills our participants for meaningful employment. We work with employers in building the capacity to foster an inclusive workplace so everyone can be successful.  

Job Coaching 
Our Job Coaches support and guide individual’s on-the-job to be successful at work and maintain employment, with the goal of full independence in the workplace. 

All employment services offered at Abilities Centre are free and offered on a rotational schedule throughout the year.

For more information, contact or
905-665-8500 ext. 226

or fill out our Participant Profile to get started: 

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