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Abilities Centre is delighted to announce the return of child and youth programming for January! With a focus on physical activity, social interaction and fun,  have a number of new program offerings in January 2022 including: Obstacle Course Challenge and  Multi-Sport programming

Obstacle Course
This program offers participants the opportunity to get moving in fun and creative way. With a new obstacle course each week, participants will always be engaged. We combine elements of sport, movement, and mini-games all into one fun-filled hour! Obstacle Course is open to all abilities and experiences

Multisport is a program that is focused on trying new sports over the 9 -week program. From Soccer Baseball to Volleyball to Ultimate Frisbee, participants will get to try a variety of sports week after week in this high-energy class. Multi-sport is open to all abilities and experiences

Kinball is a new program at Abilities Centre that involves the use of a giant, inflatable Omnikin ball to build teamwork, skill and most important, having fun! Individuals of all ability levels and sport experiences are invited participate and work collaboratively as a team to keep the ball in the air while using strategy to cause opposing teams to drop the ball. The Kinball program will also feature lots of mini games and variations to keep the program exciting! 

Floor Curl
In partnership with the Rock Solid Productions, Mixed Ability Floor curl combines the rules of curling with the absence of a rink and ice to create a fully accessible and fun curling  atmosphere. Athletes will learn the basics of curling through introductory sessions and eventually compete against each other during this 10 week program. This program is open to all ages, ability levels and experiences. Floor curl is a great gateway into the sport of curling and provides a welcoming and warm social community!

Children’s programming will start the week of January 10, 2022  for 12 weeks! 

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