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Three circles connected by a line. in the first circle is Abilities Centre Virtual world and TPAS wordmark. In the second circle are two instructors during a live online class. In the third circle is a screenshot of a You Me We class on virtual world.


Abilities Centre Virtual World

In November, Abilities Centre (AC) announced the launch of AC Virtual World, a new online fitness platform developed in partnership with Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. The platform arose from a working group of 7 National facilities sharing best practices and collaborating on innovative solutions to better serve communities across the country. The platform was developed by Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, with AC being the first partner to join and contribute by providing fully accessible and inclusive content to subscribers from both locations.

Quote from Virtual world participant highlighted in a magenta box:I wanted to let you and Sam know how much I enjoyed this morning’s workout.  The camaraderie you share in your sessions always makes me smile.  I especially like the multi versions of the exercises given for low, medium, high, seated, etc. intensities.  I also very much like the cues, for example reminding us to keep our back straight, slight bend in the knees, exhaling during certain movements to maximize intensity, etc.   It’s so helpful.  Keep up the great work!  You and Sam are such a great team and I look forward to your daily workouts.  I am so grateful that you both provide the motivation to stay active during the lockdown!   So count me a fan.  Thank you Magnificent Megan and Spectacular Sam

AC Virtual World Homepage

AC Virtual world landing page screenshot

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