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Whitby, ON - Inspired by his own real-world experience, Elliot Smith, an athlete with autism, has co-authored, “Mateo’s Mixed Ability Match.” The book takes you on a journey following Mateo as he realizes his dream of playing rugby for the local community team that competes at the International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament. The story is based on Elliot’s own journey from Whitby, ON to Cork, Ireland as part of the Oshawa Viking Rugby team. With illustrations by Lisa Studer, Elliot takes his once in a lifetime experience and turns it into an engaging children’s story, showing the reader that young or old, experienced, or first-time player, there is a place for everyone in sport.

Mixed Ability Sport has changed how we look at sport participation in Canada. With training and leadership by individuals with lived experience the goal is to create a fundamental shift in perceptions around disability.
The first public reading and signing of the novel will happen on November 5th at the Abilities Centre during the Festival of Trees event. For information about the event visit the Abilities Centre’s website.

For more information about the book or to purchase please visit the online storefront.

“We are truly hoping this book inspires other athletes to tell their stories and that it helps to further grow and expand Mixed Ability Sport in Canada and beyond.”

Debbie Smith.

“Mixed Ability Sport redefines that way we think of, join in and enjoy sport by promoting full inclusion not only for individuals with disabilities, but also those returning to sport, those who are new to sport, and any individual as equal and valued members of the club. “Mateo’s Mixed Ability Match” is an incredible story that demonstrates the ability for anyone to unlock their potential when given the opportunity.”

Kelly Kasper, Director Sport & Recreation, Abilities Centre

Elliot smiles for the camera

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