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At  Learn & Grow, children of all abilities engage in a variety of fun activities to develop and enhance their gross motor skills, social skills, physical literacy, and more!  

Children ages 2-5 will participate Monday through Friday from 9:30am - 11:30am in themed activities such as Alphabet Art, Tiny Tumblers, Artists in Motion, Play & Move and more! 

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Alphabet Art

Alphabet Art provides a great opportunity for children to work on motor skills through worksheets and colouring, in addition to developing social skills while interacting with peers in group activities. 

Tiny Tumblers

Children develop gross motor skills through obstacle courses, learn to take turns and play in a group environment, and develop independence in their movement .

Artists in Motion

Children use different types of props to enhance co-ordination to beats and rhythms, dance to popular songs and learn step by step instructions. Parent participation is more than welcome!    

Play & Move

Play & Move supports the development of physical literacy, strength and confidence through skill building activities, park play and structured games.

Lil’ Sportsters

Lil’ Sportsters allows children to explore a wide range of sports, skills and to play on Abilities Centre’s court. Children learn basic skills related to their favourite sports .

For more information contact or 905-665-8500. 

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