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ASAD Durham is hosted at the multi-award-winning Abilities Centre facility in Whitby, Ontario. 

Recognized as an International Centre of Excellence for its fully accessible design and inclusive environment, global partnerships and signature programming, Abilities Centre provides a world-class training environment for student athletes. 

Providing student athletes with access to state-of-the-art equipment, FIBA regulation courts, IAAF approved 200m indoor track, sport medicine and nutrition facilities, the Abilities Centre facility provides an optimal environment for student athletes to realize their academic and athletic potential. 

ASAD Durham also provides access to outstanding facilities in the Durham Region, which include the Whitby Dome and Iroquois Park Sports Complex 

Launching in 2016, ASAD Durham has supported over 250 student athletes in achieving their academic and athletic aspirations.  

Sports delivered at ASAD Durham include: 

  • Hockey    
  • Volleyball  
  • Soccer  
  • Rugby  
  • Volleyball  
  • Individual Sport Stream (including gymnastics, Swimming , Skating , Cycling, Baseball)

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