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 The LEAD Canada process helps organizations to successfully embed accessibility and inclusion strategies across the organization, giving the staff the confidence, and capability to meet the needs of all Canadians. LEAD is an approach designed to generate both economic and social return on investment.

LEAD challenges organizational systems and processes to create transformational change that enables full and meaningful participation of people with disabilities in the communities they live, work and play.

Who we help

Every organization is unique, and this process is designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the organization’s needs. 

  1.  Municipalities
  2.  School Boards
  3.  Universities / Colleges
  4.  Healthcare Organizations
  5.  Non-Profits
  6.  Businesses
  7.  Sport / Recreation Organizations

LEAD Process will:

  • Enhance organizational systems and processes to integrate and embed accessibility and inclusion
  • Help develop employment strategies for hiring and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Help design programs and services that enable full and meaningful participation for all Canadians
  • Help create communities of practice focused on accessibility and inclusion

What’s Next? Contact Us

Every organization’s journey to inclusion and accessibility is unique; so too is each organization’s LEAD process. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Phone: 1-866-639-1858

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