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“Ashley has been a client of the Abilities Centre since the doors opened in June, 2012. The welcoming atmosphere, amazing and understanding staff as well as appropriate programming has made her a constant participant.

The COVID-19 shutdown, of all facilities, weighed very hard on Ashley. Like many of us, she missed all her day-to-day activities but most of all she missed the Abilities Centre and its engaging staff. Once we were made aware of the opportunity for Ashley to return to her Personal Training sessions we signed up immediately.
Working with Megan for two 1-hour sessions each week has brought a new, brighter attitude to Ashley. She enjoys all of the physical activities and looks forward to whatever program Megan has planned for her hour. Visiting the Abilities Centre and working out has also encouraged Ashley to engage her roommate and friends to take local neighbourhood walks, to play basketball in our driveway and even to actively do housework!
Thank you, Abilities Centre, for all you have given to my daughter."

- June
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