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By: Mikaeli Cavell and Meagan Marques
Managers, Research and Program Evaluation

There's now a new and easy way to hear about what Abilities Centre has going on. Welcome to the new Abilities Centre Blog - AC Unlocked! We aim to provide a more consistent way to share information and stories from our programs, community members, partners, and events. 

Why start a blog?
  • This blog will provide another way for you to learn about Abilities Centre and the community. 
  • The blog posts will be short, to-the-point, and engaging which makes it a lot easier to access the information than scrolling the website or reading a huge report. 
  • Posts will come out as things happen so you are kept up to date and all information is new and relevant. 
What will the blogs be about?

Blogs will be about what is going on and how you can engage with Abilities Centre (our program, services, and events) and in the community. Additionally, it will be a space to share current research and other news related to Abilities Centre. 

Who will write the blogs?

Each blog will be co-developed by staff, community members, or AC partners. There will be a short bio about the authors of each blog included at the end. If you are interested in learning more about our blog authors this is the place to go! 

What can I expect?

Just as Abilities Centre grows and evolves to best meet the needs of our community, this blog will change throughout its journey. Right now, the goal is to provide engaging blog posts every other week but there may be more if there is a lot for us to talk about! There are a variety of ways to know if a blog as been posted: Also if you love a post, please help us spread the word of Abilities Centre, our community, and partners - share with your family, friends, and through social media. 

Up Next:
We are so excited to start sharing and engaging with you! Our next blog will be posted the week of January 15th on the topic: H.Y.P.E program.

Authors Bios:
Mikaeli Cavell (she/her) is a Manager of Research and Program Evaluation at Abilities Centre and holds a Masters degree in Health Sciences (Kinesiology). She supports the evaluation of the centre's internal programming and services, helping to share experiences with the broader community. She also supports research initiatives on inclusion issues that Abilities Centre engages with across Canada. 

Meagan Marques (she/her) is a Manager, Research and Program Evaluation at Abilities Centre. She holds a Masters in Health Sciences and is completing her Doctoral Degree in Medical Science. Meagan is passionate about sharing the amazing work Abilities Centre does and supports the evaluation of programs and services. With over 12 years of experience research settings, she also supports research initiatives of internal program and with external partners.
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