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FAQ and Health and Safety Protocols in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Last updated: April 10, 2022: 
What are the new hours of operation for Members?   
The building will be open to members from Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 8:30pm Friday 7:00am - 6:30pm Saturday & Sunday 8:00am - 3:00pm

•    Member sign-in through Visitly will no longer be required. 

•    The facility is operating at 100% capacity. 

•    Members are no longer required to provide their vaccine passport upon arrival. 

Closures and notices: 

  • Abilities Centre will be open on May 23, 2022 from 8am-3pm. Select member-based classes and programs will be in effect.
  • Abilities Centre will be closed at 12pm on Monday May 30, 2022 for staff training. Opportunities for training like this helps us further our mission of building accessible and inclusive communities and we thank you for understanding. 

Do I have to wear a mask while exercising? 

Effective Monday, April 4, 2022, we will be removing the mask mandate at Abilities Centre. As of this date, masks will no longer be required to be worn within the Centre. During this period of transition, it is important that we all remain sympathetic to our members, program participants, visitors, and staff who are not yet comfortable removing their masks. Abilities Centre will remain a mask-friendly environment and we encourage those of you not yet ready to remove your mask to continue wearing one.
Thank you for your patience over the last two weeks and, for that matter, the last two years. Your dedication to the health and safety of those you share the Centre with is commendable and appreciated.
Are showers available for use post workout?
The hot water tanks at the Centre have been replaced and the showers are operational again! Thank you for your patience during the extended period that they were unavailable.

How do we enter and exit the building? 
  • All visitors and members will be ENTERING through the main sliding glass doors off Gordon Street (west side). This enables us to manage and control traffic flow, and screen and track accurately all visitors to the facility.
  • The south glass doors facing Victoria Street will be closed to allow better monitoring who enters the building to prevent vulnerable participants from exiting the building close to the road. 
  •   Access to the link connecting Abilities Centre to Iroquois Park Sports Complex is  closed. 
  • I need to wait for transportation – where can I do this? 
  • We have set aside a designated waiting area at the south end of the lobby (looking towards Victoria Street). 
  • Is pre-registration required for my workout session before visiting Abilities Centre? 
  • Pre-registration is NOT required for members coming in to use the HUR room and Fieldhouse for their workout sessions.
  • Pre-registration IS required for all fitness classes You can complete registration either online at, or by phone 905-665-8500. 
  • What classes are available to members? 
  • Please visit our website at for a complete listing of available classes.
  • I have a meeting with someone at Abilities Centre, is there anything I need to know? 
  • All visitors must register and sign in at the front service desk in order for their host to be notified. 
  • A visitor waiting area will be provided while awaiting meeting or escort into the Centre. 
  • After the visit, guests will be accompanied back to the lobby by their host to the sign out station. 
  • Rentals
  • Please note there are opportunities for facility rentals outside of the regular listed hours above.
  • For more information, please contact our Rentals Department by phone at 905 665-8500 (x120), or by email at  *Please see Q&A on rentals below. 
  • Can I book rental space at Abilities Centre? 
  • Yes, our facility is open for rentals as the schedule permits. 
  • Rentals will be asked to follow Abilities Centre’s mask policy. Masks do not need to be worn during physical activity, however we are requiring masks to be worn while travelling throughout the building.
  • For more information about renting a space at Abilities Centre, please contact or phone at 905 665-8500 (x120).   
  • Is the children’s playground open to members? 
  • Our children’s playground is closed to members at this time.  
  • Provincial and regional guidelines and restrictions are continuously  evolving and we are adapting accordingly to ensure a safe environment for all. 
  • If you require detailed info or customer service support, please contact us and please check back with us frequently.
  • email:  or call 905-665-8500 ext. 0 
  • Smile! Be Safe. Be. Kind. 
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