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The Access Project is an innovative approach to crisis recovery, designed to embed equity in the development of strategies and solutions to support the needs of all Canadians.  

The Access Project actively engages persons with disabilities, their families, and disability professionals to identify immediate and emerging needs from COVID-19 and beyond, while supporting the co-creation of strategies to meet these needs.

While designed to respond to the critical solutions gap during crises, the data collected through various sources, and the tools and resources established by the Access Project are intended to become part of the critical infrastructure available to support communities in becoming more accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities.

We want to know your thoughts about recreation and leisure activities! 
Findings from the COVID-19 National Disability Survey showed that persons with disabilities are not receiving the support they need in recreation and leisure. Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey to help us identify how organizations like Abilities Centre can better meet the needs of persons with disabilities in sport, recreation, and leisure. 

Click below to take our Access Project recreation and leisure needs survey!

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The COVID-19 Disability Survey
Abilities Centre, in partnership with the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Canadian Disability Participation Project (CDPP), launched the COVID-19 Disability Survey. This survey is designed to record the experiences, concerns, and needs of people with disabilities during the COVID-19 outbreak and recovery period across Canada. The survey’s findings will provide important information to help communities ensure that COVID-19 response strategies meet the needs of people of all abilities.

This survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete is accessible and available in French, English, plain language, and American Sign Language.

To participate in the COVID-19 Disability Survey which is different from the survey above, please click here.

We want your feedback:

If you need assistance with filling out the survey please contact us

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