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On August 18, 2022, a small group of Knights, yes you heard right, Knights gathered at a square table to honour one of their own - Bill Thompson (William Thompson 1961 - 2021). 
Bill, an Abilities Centre member, was a hysterically funny, gentle, and kind soul. People were drawn to him wherever he went. Terry, his wife, always heard people positively comment - There's something about Billy. He always had a kind word and was full of positivity even after his MS diagnosis in his late 30s. Bill never let his diagnosis get him down or define how he lived his life.
He joined Abilities Centre on the first day it opened. For Bill, Abilities Centre provided health benefits and motivation to work out with the modified equipment and qualified staff. The social aspect was a huge bonus, and he always looked forward to meeting up with fellow members, and often came home with the funniest stories. Terry saw the positive difference Abilities Centre made in Bill's life and the lives of the other members and for that, she will forever be grateful.
Terry said when Bill came home and told her about this new “club”, and she heard the name the Knights of the Square Table she laughed so hard. She said it was the perfect name for the beautiful, hilariously funny group of friends.
They sat at their square table at Abilities Centre in friendship, plotting their next adventure. Their one rule was always to look out for each other and make sure no one was ever alone. 
Terry knows the “Knights” will continue and a square table in the Atrium of Abilities Centre has been dedicated to their camaraderie.
Bill believed Abilities Centre attributed to his physical well-being and positive outlook. He wanted others to experience the feeling of camaraderie and inclusion he had. He strongly believed that no one should be turned away because they can't afford a membership. To honour Bill and his belief in friendship and Abilities Centre, we have launched a Membership Assistance Program in his memory. You can donate the campaign by clicking on the following link:
All donations will support the Membership Assistance Program at Abilities Centre.
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