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Today, Abilities Centre makes the bitter-sweet announcement that Pinder DaSilva will be stepping down as Vice President, Programs, Partnerships, and Impact. 

Over her tenure of seven years in this role, Pinder used her expertise and passion for inclusion to develop and manage the 30+ programs offered by our organization. 

Since 2019, Pinder has led the introduction and implementation of the Leading Equitable and Accessible Delivery (LEAD) process which has impacted over 30 organizations across Canada, embedding accessibility and inclusion into the fabric of their strategic plans. This work has created sustainable and systemic change for people with disabilities across multiple sectors including employment, health care, education, sport and recreation, and research. 

Pinder also played an integral role in the development of Abilities Centre’s Ontario Abilities Strategy, fostering relationships across provincial ministries to create a multi-year strategy to scale Abilities Centre’s training, research, programs, and consultancy services that enhance the capacity of local communities to engage with individuals with lived experience and create a framework to drive broader social inclusion.

As Pinder moves on to her new endeavor, Abilities Centre’s Board of Directors, staff, and participants wish Pinder the best of luck in her journey where she will continue to lead the way, enriching the lives of people of all abilities.

Abilities Centre’s Board of Directors continue to look for a new President and CEO, aiming to have a preferred candidate by early in the new year. In the meantime, current General Manager and COO, Ross Ste-Croix will move into the position of Interim President and CEO. Kelly Kasper, the current Director, Sport and Recreation will take on the position of Interim Senior Director, Programs and Services.

As Abilities Centre continues to grow, we are thankful for the leadership that has empowered us to impact so many people across Canada. We look forward to the future and driving our commitment to redefine the way Canadians live, work, and play.

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