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The LEAD Process is a system integrated methodology to achieving accessibility and inclusion within organizations and businesses.

Leading Equitable & Accessible Delivery



Organizations participate in an evidence-based self-assessment process facilitated by Abilities Centre, where they evaluate, rate and provide evidence of their accessibility and inclusion strategies, policies, and best practices across their various business units and how they align with accessibility laws, policies, recovery planning, funding priorities and community representation. The LEAD Process is divided into three sections that have relevant themes and criteria that the organizations evaluate themselves on: 


1.    Organizational Management Themes
a.    Leadership
b.    Structure/Governance
c.    Strategy

2.    Organizational Resources Theme:
a.    Financial
b.    People
c.    Supplier and Partnership Management

3.    Organizational Delivery Themes:
a.    Programs and Services
b.    Communication and Marketing
c.    Facility and Technology


a magenta bubble showing pilot organizations with logos for YMCA (GTA) , Ottawa International Soccer Club, Municipality of Clarington, and Participaction


All pre-LEAD data has been collected and post-LEAD data collection is in progress. However, preliminary analysis shows participants across all organizations reported an increase in confidence that they have the skills and knowledge to increase involvement and participation by persons with a disability within their organization. Additional analysis is ongoing.

53 individuals made up of organization senior leaders, managers, volunteers, community members, board members, council members, and people with lived experience participated in the Lead process.

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