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Welcome back Pickleball!


a foursome plays pickleball on the Abilities Centre court

Taking direction from Pickleball Ontario’s return to play, Abilities Centre is excited to have Pickleball return on Thursdays from 3pm-8pm! There are various time slots available for members to book a court and compete within a set 4-some or 2-some in 45 minute intervals.

To align with updated health and safety protocols, please note some new changes below:

  • You must bring your own paddle and ball (following return to play policies). If you need to purchase a paddle please email and Adam can direct you to Alex who can help!
  • Foursomes and twosomes will stay on their court and must remain physically distant from other people playing
  • Sign in and sign out plus masks (in open areas) are mandatory at Abilities Centre
  • Please ensure if you are coming in for Pickleball on court 3, you must remain on court 3 (no track or weight usage)
  • One person from the party coming to play can book the space for Pickleball
  • Back to back bookings can happen if space is available on the day
  • This is FREE for members and at the moment, non-members are not permitted to Abilities Centre (no day passes at this time)

Times available:

3-3:45pm- 4 Courts available

3:45-4pm- Court cleaning

4-4:45pm-4 Courts available

4:45-5pm- Court cleaning

5-5:45pm- 4 Courts available

5:45-6pm- Court cleaning

6-6:45pm- 4 courts available

6:45-7pm- Court cleaning

7-7:45pm- 4 courts available

Pre-registration is required! Email to register.

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