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Abilities Centre's diversified business model is unique among organizations in Canada’s non-profit sector, as we generate  revenue from a variety of enterprise and philanthropic sources.

Multiple funding streams strengthen our financial position, ensuring that we are able to fulfill commitments to our clients and stakeholders now and in future. 


In 2018 our support came from:

($ ,000s)
Revenue pie graph breakdown for 2018 including government grants, membership, programs and services, fundraising, facilities and other.

 Government Grants (30%) 

 Membership (20%)

 Programs & Services (18%) 

 Fundraising (10%)

 Facilities (7%)

 Other (15%)


Program expenditure ratio:

Our policies ensure the maximum possible funding is directed to programs and related activities.

In 2018, 83% of expenditures went to programs and the facilities in which the programs took place.

The investment in Operations, which includes administration activities, and Fundraising accounted for 17%.

In 2018 we allocated funds to:

($ ,000s)
Program expenditure pie graph for 2018 includes funds allocated for programs and support facilities, operations and fundraising

 Programs & Support

Artboard-2-copy.png Operations (16%)

 Fundraising (1%) 



Revenue Growth

($ ,000s)

Revenue growth from 2016 to 2018 chart describes revenue growth year over year

For past financial statements, please click the links below:

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