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Achieve Your Potential

TRX (12 + years old):

Our certified TRX trainers will guide you on how to use TRX Suspension Trainer equipment for a complete full-body workout for all fitness levels. 

Abilities Centre Bootcamps (12 + years old): 

Our  Bootcamps integrate kettle bells, slam balls, sleds, agility ladders, dumbbells and body-weight exercises for a fun, total-body workout. 

Easy to follow and very effective, our Bootcamps offer a variety of different stations from ropes, barbells, resistance bands, and more! Different themes for each 6-week session.   

All Fitness levels are welcome!  

For more information, please contact:

Youth Conditioning:

This course will teach you how to work out safely while you gain knowledge in anatomy and physiology. Completion of this course will allow youth 12-14 years of age to use the HUR weight room equipment. For youth conditioning, please email

*Prices are based on member and non-member rates. Prices are subject to change. 

Start dates may vary. 



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