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Sparking Connections is a new in-person program for persons living with Dementia (PLWD) early-moderate stage. This is an opportunity to engage in recreation and leisure in a safe, inclusive, and accessible environment while reducing isolation and building connection with others.

During the 8-week sessions, participants will meet twice per week, once in-person at Abilities Centre and once virtually.

Program takeaways:

  • To promote intergenerational connections between young adults and seniors resulting in strengthening understanding, respect, and empathy for all participants
  • To promote volunteerism among seniors (and other generations) and students by taking a person-first, growth-mindset approach and highlighting the multitude of abilities of PLWD
  • To engage seniors in the community through the mentoring of others, as it will provide PLWD with the opportunity to share ideas, knowledge, and experience with a younger generation
  • To support the social participation and inclusion of seniors by addressing a gap in services within the community and providing them with engagement and recreation opportunities
  • To break down stereotypes one group may have toward the other by promoting more age-friendly communities

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