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We all experience obstacles and barriers that challenge us to achieve our health and fitness goals. 

Our personal training staff will challenge, motivate, and guide you or your team through an instructional program designed specifically for your goals! Begin your healthy lifestyle today and start getting the results you want!

For more information contact a trainer at or 905-665-8500 ext. 201


Why sign up for personal training?

  • Mix it up

    Need a change?  Bored of your old routines? Have one of our certified trainers create a program specifically tailored to your personal fitness goals. Learn new exercises and equipment to keep your workouts interesting and challenging.

  • Teaching vs. Showing

    Not sure what to do? Need some instruction? 
    Our trainers work to ensure each client gains an understanding of performing the exercises safely, with proper form, while understanding the purpose of the movement and the muscles being used.

  • Set-a-Pace

    Don’t know where to start? How many Reps? How long?
    Let our trainers do the work for you. We can customize a program and a plan that will work with your fitness level and schedule.

  • Turn weakness into strength

    Poor posture and balance?  
    Our trainers will create a program that encourages muscle balance, as well as targeting weak areas that may need improvement.


  • Accountability

    Need help staying focused and motivated? Stay on track with specific workouts created by our trainers.  Each client will will have a structured plan as well as consistent workout days to ensure accountability.


  • An Inclusive Experience

    Worried about intensity or limitations? Personal Training is for everyone! Our experienced trainers work with all fitness levels and abilities to ensure workout plans are inclusive and offer variations when needed.

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